It is no mystery to us that hemp is currently appearing more frequently in various forms, such as in the form of natural clothing. Throughout history, the plant has often played a key role during historical moments. For example 500 years ago, when we felt the urge to discover a new world, it was hemp that propelled us forward. The sails and the necessary cordage were made from this powerful plant. It gave the explorers the wings they needed to cross the Atlantic Ocean.


Hemp’s mission

Today, hemp is emerging in the role of healer and environmentalist. It is its mission to inspire us to a more holistic life where we live in balance with mother earth and find the way (back) to our hearts. That’s why hemp is our guru. It’s time to take hemp further out of the dark and not just see it as a stoner. Look beyond and see what else there is. Open your eyes and rediscover the magic!

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I would like to introduce you

Hemp is also referred to as Kemp or with the Latin name Cannabis Sativa. This annual plant enjoys full sunlight and has a sturdy stem but can nevertheless bend with the wind.

This very old crop has its origins far before our era in China and India. The earliest records of hemp as a cultivated plant come from ancient China. There, the hemp fibre was already cultivated 4500 years ago as a textile fibre for natural clothing and the seed was used as food. The spread presumably took place via nomadic peoples to the Middle East, the Mediterranean and further into Europe.

Mag ik je voorstellen

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Hennep wordt ook wel aangesproken met Kemp of met de Latijnse benaming Cannabis Sativa. Deze eenjarige plant geniet van de volle zon en heeft een stevig stengel maar kan desalniettemin meebuigen met de wind. 

Dit zeer oude gewas kent zijn oorsprong ver voor onze jaartelling in China en India. De vroegste vermeldingen van hennep als gekweekte plant zijn afkomstig uit het oude China. Daar werd 4500 jaar geleden de hennepvezel al gecultiveerd als textielvezel voor natuurlijke kleding en werd het zaad gebruikt als voedsel. Via nomadenvolken vond vermoedelijk de verspreiding plaats naar het Midden-Oosten, het Middellandse Zeegebied en verder Europa in.


Recurring love for natural clothing

Hemp is one of the oldest fibres in textile production. Before cotton became a mass commodity and conquered European markets, hemp was a favourite. That was not all that long ago. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was still being cultivated throughout Europe. It’s time we kiss this frog and bring the prince back to life. The fabric made from the stem of the plant is an incredibly sustainable alternative within the clothing industry. Why are we so infatuated?

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First of all, the hemp plant uses only 25% to 35% of the water it takes to grow cotton. After burlap, hemp is the most water-saving alternative within the textile industry.

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The hemp plant can defend itself well and therefore has hardly any natural enemies in the form of insects or weeds. Pesticide treatment is unnecessary.

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In addition, it is able to rid our soil of chemical and toxic substances and for this reason the plant was also sown in large quantities around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the disaster of 1986.

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When you have completely used up the garment, you can simply compost the hemp fabric. Fabric from hemp is 100% biodegradable.

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In just a few months’ time the hemp plant can fully grow to four metres and leaves behind fertile soil after harvesting. With its deep and fine roots, the plant turns the soil so that it becomes oxygenated and healthy and gives 60% to 70% of the nutrients it uses back to mother earth.


Feel the power of natural clothing

Natural hemp clothing has all the qualities you dream of. The fabric is moisture absorbent, breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It also regulates body temperature: It keeps you cool in the summer and provides extra warmth during winter. It’s there to protect you. The textile has the special property of keeping out UV rays.

When choosing hemp clothing, you feel the power of pure nature. Therefor hemp could feel a little stiff and rough at time. By wearing and washing the clothing items it will soften gradually. This way you create soft and supple wearing comfort.

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