Fortuna | Hemp crop top

 139.95 Incl. TAX

To sway around, have fun with and to be you. Put on crop top ‘Fortuna’ and you never want to take it off again. For at the park, wandering around in the city, to explore nature or to travel the world. The soft fabric makes you feel secure and gives you love in abundance. Complete the outfit with crop pants ‘Medusa’.

The goddess of fate and change: Fortuna brings fortune and supports the one who dares to take risks.

The product is one size and has the following dimensions. Length: 20 cm at the center front and 39 cm at the back. From neck to end of sleeve is 64 cm long.
This fabric is made of a mixture of hemp & cotton. The origin of our hemp fabric lies in the north of China and of our cotton fabric in India. Both fabrics are combined in China and weaved by an organization affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation. The color arises from a mixture of white and black treats.
You are a god-dess wants to relieve mother earth by minimalist death stock. Therefore we choose to produce via the principle of ‘made to order’. This means that we are not working with stock and the clothes you order will be created the moment an order is placed. The delivery time of an order is therefore around 3 weeks.

Make it fit

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Do you want to extend or shorten an item? That is sometimes possible. Send a message to and we’ll see what we can do for you.
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Do you want to see, feel, smell and try on the item first? That’s possible because you are a god-dess tours around and stands with her camper on different markets. Check the Papi on tour planning.

with love

The fabric is 100% recyclable and when the item is finished you can return it to Mother Earth yourself. She knows what to do with it. Before you do this, remove any zippers, buttons, labels and seams. You can reuse the pure piece of fabric or dig a hole in the ground and cover it with soil so that it can be composted there.
Washing instructions

You do not have to wash our hemp wear often. Hanging them outside already works wonders. Want to wash it? That is no problem at all and even has an advantage: the product becomes softer with each wash.

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Yes, you can return the product within 7 days. However, you are a god-dess strives to burden the environment as little as possible. We see a combined responsibility here. It is up to the consumer to make a conscious purchase and to you are a god-dess to provide space to check whether the product actually fits. That is why we a. offer the option to try on the item and b. describe the sizes as accurately as possible on our product pages. This way we hope to get as few items back as possible.

Do you want to return for whatever reason? Read below based on which conditions this is possible.

What are the return conditions?
Orders placed on can be returned for any reason within 7 days if the products have not been worn, washed or damaged.

How to return?
Send an email to within 7 days and state your name, order number and the product you want to return. We will reply to this message with further instructions.

What about the return costs and handeling?
The return costs are for the account of the customer. After we receive a return we strive to handle this within 5 business days and make a refund of the relevant amount.

  1. Free pick-up: you can choose to pick up you order for free in Amersfoort or at one of the markets where you are a god-dess stands on. This must be submitted in good time: at least 5 working days before the desired pick-up day. If you’re interested in this option please reach out to
  2. Order delivery: you are a god-dess sends out all her orders with track & trace code. This way you know exactly when your package will be posted, where it is and when it was delivered. The costs depend on the weight of the total package and are in most cases € 4.10 or € 6.75.

You are a god-dess wants to relieve mother earth by minimizing deadstock (unsold clothing items) as much as possible. That is why we opt for the ‘made to order’ principle. This means that the clothing is only made when you place an order. The delivery time of an item is therefore approximately 3 weeks.

You are a god-dess strives to produce locally as much as possible and to work with fabrics and supplies that are also locally sourced. By ‘local’ we mean: as close to home as possible. Because purchasing and labor costs in Europe are higher than in Asia, the prices of our hemp wear are naturally also higher. A large part of our fabrics come from Europe and the production of our items is for the most part done here in the Netherlands. For a small part of our fabrics we are still forced to move to China, India and Nepal. However, it is our aim to get all the dust from Europe.

The way you are a god-dess produces her hemp wear also has an effect on the price of the items. We work according to the ‘made to order’ principle. This means that a clothing item is only made when it has been paid for. The workshop we work with makes the item that you have ordered especially for you. Through this route we avoid waste stock: items that are produced but not sold.

In this way you are a god-dess does its utmost to realize a product that is as fair and sustainable as possible. This entails different prices than we may be used to. We do not focus on ‘cheap’ and ‘expensive’, but on sustainable production. The focus of you are a god-dess is on producing the hemp wear with love for mother earth. ‘Choose well, buy less and make it last’ is one of our mottos.

We are also not afraid to be transparent. Curious what it costs to make an item? Below we write an example.

You are a god-dess currently makes hemp wear from four fabrics. A requirement that we want to set for every fabric is that it has a quality mark. In this way we can guarantee that the production conditions during the production of the fabric are in harmony with people and nature. The only fabric for which we do not have a complete understanding of this is the fabric from Nepal. We know that raw material hemp comes from the mountains in the Himalayas and that it is woven in Nepal. Furthermore, the production process is not yet razor-sharp. Our attention is therefore also focused on gaining further insight into this process. In the overview below you can read where the four substances we are currently working with come from and on the basis of which raw materials they are made: Fabric Nepal – blend hemp and cotton Fabric Turkey – 100% Hemp Fabric China – recycled hemp Fabric India & China – sweat fabric in a blend of hemp and cotton As you can read, a large part of the fabrics still comes from Asia. However, it is our aim to also produce this close to home (locally). At the moment this is not yet feasible because the hemp yarns are not yet made much in Europe. But we know that this is going to change in the near future. At the moment, a hemp fabric with cotton is being designed especially for you are a god-dess by Textielstad Enschede. We hope to be able to create our winter collection items based on this fabric. In addition, you are a god-dess is investigating whether we can also have other fabrics woven at Textielstad Enschede.

The clothing is made in the Netherlands at Atelier Made Here in Amsterdam. Atelier Made Here is bringing the art of making clothing back to the Netherlands and thereby reducing the ecological footprint of the clothing industry. She also contributes to the movement aimed at bringing the craft back to the Netherlands. Want to know more about this studio? Visit their website:

It is only possible to cancel the order within 24 hours. Send an email to

The product can only be purchased online. However, it is possible to try on the products first. You can find out where and when that is possible in the Papi on tour schedule. You can also always email if you want to make an appointment to come and fit in Amersfoort.

As soon as you have received your Track & Trace code, you can still change the delivery address yourself. If you want to change your address before you have received a track and trace code, you can email it to